Tie-Dyed Cars

Friday Fictioneers – hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields – a weekly flash fiction challenge of 100 words, based on a photo prompt.  The following photo is the PHOTO PROMPT for Friday Fictioneers 2015 July 3.

July 3 Photo-PromptCars-in-sand © Jean L. Hays

Tie-Dyed Cars

It was the 60’s; everyone tie-dyed shirts, and painted vans.  Me and my friends had no van – just old junk cars that our parents gave us, after they used ‘em up.

We laughed at our ‘junk-cars’ until we heard about Junk Car Racing.  “Wow! that sounds like fun!”  So we ‘tie-dyed’ our old heaps – painting every color – on every inch.

Went to the Junk Car Racing event, and smashed ‘em up good.  (Smashed other cars, too!)  After that, we were done with our cars.

Then I did what Dad always thought I would: Ran the car into the ground!

16 thoughts on “Tie-Dyed Cars

    1. Dear Alice,
      The first think I thought when I saw the photo – is that’s one way to run a car into the ground…:)
      Spelling does not matter – as long as we know what we mean…
      Thanks for dropping by!


    1. Well – not always – but whenever I did not live up to my folks’ expectations – they just changed their expectations! (All of Life’s greatest disappointments are due to Unrealistic Expectations.)


    1. Dear Rochelle,

      I didn’t even realize tie-dye was back in style. I guess I have not kept ‘with-it’.
      Thanks for reading and commenting – it is always nice to hear from you!



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