The Ocean Waves

This week’s Friday Fictioneers Photo prompt, and Rochelle’s story reminded me of a poem I wrote when I was 17:


Responsibility is like an ocean wave that beats the sand photoprompt june 5

Reminding man he’s needed still It steals him from his lonely land

Man knows the waves and what they bring, and where to run avoiding them

But currents guiding ocean waves outlast agility of men.

********************************— Not Politically correct – but that was a LONG time ago!****************

12 thoughts on “The Ocean Waves

  1. Dear Bobi Jo,

    I’m glad to see you back this week.

    Insert “woman” where you wrote man…it works. PC isn’t always the best thing IMHO. Thanks for sharing this poem from your past.



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  2. Dear Rochelle,

    Thank you for your reading & responding. I wish there were a simple way to be more gender-inclusive, since I really mean everybody. I appreciate your humble opinion, and I think I will not change it.



    1. Very interesting and thoughtful comment – I had not looked at the ambiguity quite that way. I think we have a need to be needed and useful, however we also need some quiet alone-space. So I guess the responsibility is both good, and bad, and you are right – the shore is the virtual divider. To be totally responsible – we might need to learn to swim in the waves…(like the woman in Rochelle’s story this week, but with a different objective.)


  3. This is a very interesting poem, I like it. I try to be inclusive in language, as much as possible, but I think to force it is silly. If the poem flows, the friendly reader will know what is meant.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and for this comment. I feel better about it now, and I would not remember the words if I changed it. So between your comment and Rochelle’s IMHO – I feel good about leaving it as-is.

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